FFK is a very social club focusing on outdoor life and climbing. As a member of the club you do not need a climbing partner, nor do you need to know a member in the club in order to become a member yourself. You just show up in the club and you will then make friends with a lot of people and get a lot of great experiences. FFK is known as a open-minded and very social club and new members are always welcomed with a positive attitude. The more social events you join or arrange yourself in FFK, the more acquainted you will get with the other club  members. 

FFK offers S1 and S2 courses. In order to be able to belay your climbing partners, you need to pass the S1 course (safety course) according to the Danish Climbers’ Association DKLAF (Dansk Klatreforbund). 

Members of the club do not only climb on the club’s own walls, but also in BananaPark or other climbing spots around Denmark. Furthermore, members have done rock climbing in Sweden, Spain and France. Members of the club have also arranged hikes in Sweden, midsummer parties in Hareskoven (north of Copenhagen) as well as canoe trips around the Copenhagen area. As you may have noticed, only creativity puts limits on events and trips arranged in FFK. Any new event or climbing trip is welcomed by the club members. If you want to arrange a trip or an event for the members, but you need advice/expertise, you just have to ask for help. There are several FFK members who have experience organizing such trips and events and they are more than willing to help.

When we are not active in outdoor life, we like to party, hang out over a couple of beers or coffee and smalltalk. The atmosphere in the club is very relaxing and social and it is very easy to make friends in our club. Check the calender for trips and events in FFK.

As a member of FFK you can obtain beneficiary discounts in the following outdoor equipment stores by presenting your FFK membership card: Friluftsland, Eventyrsport, Outdoor Rødovre and Scanmaps. You can read more about these discounts under discounts (rabataftaler). FFK is member of the Danish Climbers’ Association DKLAF, meaning that the club has the possibility to get sparring, join courses and apply for contributions in connection with FFK trips. Membership at DKLAF also gives FFK members the possibility to enter as paying guests at other climbing gyms, who are also members of DKLAF. However, there are certain rules you have to fulfill. These can be found on DKLAF’s website.


In short, you do not need to be the new Bear Grylls in order to sign up as a member at FFK. On the contrary, if you like climbing and outdoor life in general, as much as we do, and you want to make friends with other like-minded people, come join our club.