The course is only for FFK members who have already paid their membership.

The course will be held with a minimum of 2 and maximum 4 members

The course includes the following topics:

Review of equipment:
Use, types, authentication, maintenance, control and discarding of equipment: Harness, rope, belay devices, locking carabiners, quickdraws, climbing slings, prussik cords, shoes and chalk.

Getting ready to climb:
Applying a harness, tying a figure-eight retrace knot, belay stance, ground anchoring, clove hitch.

Warming up, climbing injuries, climbing techniques.

Top roping:
Climbing commands, use of belay devices, belaying, lowering a climber, falling techniques, coiling the rope

Lead climbing:
Lead climbing on a bolted wall, correct clipping of quickdraws, spotting a climber, belaying techniques, falling techniques, impact force and fallfactor will be mentioned, correct way of clipping in to anchorpoint.

The course takes place at the climbing wall inside of DGI-byen.

Remember to check your status on the waiting list to see if you get upgraded and removed from the waiting list.

Any cancellation must be reported to FFK at latest 48 hours prior to the beginning of the course.

If you do not show up to your course, you must pay for a new course.

You must climb at least 2 times between the two classes of S1 before you can learn how to do lead climbing.



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