Rules for use of the climbing walls and gear


Article 1

  1. All climbing is at your own risk.
  2. Climbing must only take place during FFK opening hours (see under "Klatretider"), i.e. only in the presence of a climbing wall guard.  
  3. Always obey the climbing wall guard. His/her words are law.


Article 2

  1. All climbers must wear their membership card while climbing in FFK. This is the climbing wall guard’s guarantee that the member has been approved for climbing in FFK.


Article 3

  1. Any complaint regarding a climbing wall guard must be forwarded in writing to one of the members of the board.


Article 4

  1. The climbing wall guard is responsible for proper use of  the climbing gear as well as he/she must make sure that the rules of DGI-Byen are being observed and respected.
  2. It is the climbing wall guard’s responsibility to inform potential FFK members about the FFK climbing club. However, the climbing wall guard can ask another FFK member to take over, if he/she has the necessary experience.
  3. The climbing guard has the right to forbid climbers to climb, boulder, belay or lead routes if he/she finds the situation irresponsible in terms of safety.


Article 5

  1. The climbing wall guard has the authority to turn out climbers for a day from the wall.
  2. Permanent exclusion from the FFK climbing wall can take place, in case 3 climbing wall guards agree on it. However, the reason for the permanent exclusion has to be presented in writing to the president of FFK as well as the climber(s) in mention. If the president finds it necessary, he/she can call in a meeting regarding the issue. At the meeting all three climbing wall guards, the climber(s) in mention and the president have to be present. The purpose of the meeting is to attempt an avoidance of the permanent exclusion. The president shall take the final conclusion in the issue. In the event of a disqualified president, the vice-president shall take over his/her authority during the meeting. In that case the latter shall then undertake all the beforementioned responsibilities and authorities of the president.


Article 6

  1. Any bouldering above the height of the 2nd bolt is prohibited, i.e. no part(s) of the body can exceed this height.


Article 7

  1. It is not permitted to borrow or bring home any regular climbing gear owed by FFK. Furthermore, the climbing gear must only be used in the presence of a climbing wall guard.